Diego Blanco

Diego Blanco

Teacher Argentine Tango at Alma de Tango

Diego Blanco started his Tango career at the age of 9. Later, Diego studied at the University of Florida where he received his Bachelor’s degrees in the Performing Arts and graduated with honors under the direction of Daniel Lewis at New World School of the Arts.
As stage performer, choreographer, and teacher, he has danced and taught in tango festivals throughout Europe, Asia, the Mediterranean, and the Americas. Diego lived in New York City for the past 17 years, where he co-founded his dance company Tango For All. Aptly named, Diego feels deeply that tango is for all and that everyone can learn to dance.
Diego’s approach to teaching is distinguished by its basis in the student’s deep understanding of the body. He firmly believes that musicality, expressivity, and intricate improvisation cannot flourish without this central element, in the same way that a compelling use of language cannot emerge from an untrained mind.
Diego’s deep understanding and mastery of the expressive potential of tango earned the Soka Gakkai Malaysia award, which recognized his “dedication to Argentine tango as a form of expression through dance.”
He is very happy to have moved to the Netherlands and is looking to expand tango there.
Diego will teach classes at Alma de Tango with Silvia Mezzasoma.