Lorena de Miranda Serra

Teacher, founder and owner of Alma de Tango

Lorena is teacher and founder of Alma de Tango. She started dancing classical ballet at the age of 3 with her teacher Penny de Jager. After 10 years she stopped classical ballet to explore the world of dancing and what it had to offer for Lorena. Since then she studied multiple discplines: Tap Dance, Salsa, Streetdance and many more.

Lorena discovered the argentine tango at the age of 21, at the school of her grandmother. During one of the milongas, Ruth Manonellas and Andreas Erben gave a mindblowing show that made Lorena immediately fall in love with the Argentine tango. Ruth and Andreas played a big part in the education of Lorena. Within a year she left The Netherlands to go to Buenos Aires to be trained by some of the best teachers in the world. A few of these teachers are: Geraldine Rojas, Javier Rodriguez, Gavito, Carolina Bonaventura, Francisco Forquera, Eduardo Capussi, Mariana Flores, Fabian Peralta, Josefina Bermudez, Los totis, Los Veliz, Gustavo Naveira and many more. Her current coaches are Stefania Colina en Juan Martin Carrara.

It didn’t take very long for people to realize that Lorena was a big talent. Within the first year she was asked by several schools to give classes, workshops and performances. She teached and danced with several famous ‘maestros’ like Pablo Veron, Angel Coria and Jorge Firpo. In the Netherlands she worked with Jorge Fatauros for a period of 5 years. She has been a judge on a championship in Buenos Aires  for 3 years during the competition ‘Tango Salon’.

Beside the lesssons in The Netherlands, Lorena teaches in several countries in Europe and South America. Nowadays she also organizes dance holidays to Spain and Argentina and big milongas in special locations throughout The Netherlands.

As a teacher Lorena is known for her elegance, ornaments, footwork, musicality and technique. During her lessons she pays a lot of attention to detail, musicality, technique and she always does it with a lot of humor!

Lorena’s dancing partner is her brother Jory Raimo. They know how to complete each other during the lessons, performance and organisationally. Students, customers and organisations experience their lessons, performances and cooperation as pleasant and professional. Together Lorena & Jory make a spectacular, elegant and musical couple in the Argentine tango. Their crowning achievement is the title of Uk European Tango Championship stage which was achieved in June 2015. During the same championship they were runner up in the category ‘Tango Salon’. In 2018 they became Champions Tango de Pista Europe in Germany. They were also semifinalists at the Worls Championship in Buenos Aires in 2018.