For companies

For companies

Alma de Tango for companies
Are you looking for something special for your business party? An Argentine tango workshop or demonstration will surely make for a unforgettable party!

Below you will find several examples about the different possibilities that we offer. Together we can discuss all the options to establish a marvellous end result; a business party that will be remembered for a long long time!

For many years Alma de Tango has been giving workshops on various business parties, teambuilding and many more events. The length of a workshop varies from 30 minutes up to 90 minutes.

It is possible to adapt the theme of the workshop to your desires and wishes. Some examples are:

  • A workshop to introduce people to the Argentine tango with a spectacular performance at the end of the workshop.
  • A workshop with a custom theme. The theme doesn’t necessarily have to emphasise learning tango. The Argentine tango is a game of leading and following and with that concept we can use these concepts using the tango as a metaphore.

Alma de Tango is nationally and internationally known for its spectacular performances during business parties, galas, theme parties, musicals, ministeries  and many more events. You can hire several couples to dance an amazing theater show, or a quiet, modest and sentimental improvisation. The length of a tango show is 10-15 minutes and consist of 3 songs.

Alternatively we offer tangoshows in combination with live music.We are working closeley together with argentinian singer  Mabel Gonzalez and her trio. A combination of music, song and dance will make a perfect addition to your event. A tangoshow in combination with live music will take between 30-60 mintues.

Tango training
Argentine tango is a dance of improvisation and  a game of lead and follow. These elements can also be found in corporate life. Leading, feedback and improvisation when needed. During our workshops we implement tango as a metaphor to bring leader and follower closer together by means of playful movements and exercises.

An example of a theme:

  • Leadership

How do I lead? What kind of managers does our company have? How do they manage their department and how can this be done more efficiently? To lead doesn’t always mean to dominate; Stimulating, giving the right impulses and clarity are equally important.

By means of playful exercises between managers, they can find out how they lead and where, if needed, to improve.

Tango for schools

Alma de Tango at school? Sure! Alma de Tango has given many workshops and demonstrations at various schools over the years.

to this day, every workshop has been a great succes. We were even called ‘most fun workshop of the year’ in several questionnaires that were given to students.

would you like to hire Alma de Tango for a workshop at your school? We have experience with high schools(VMBO, HAVO and VWO) and universities. A different approach is needed for every type of student. But there is nothing we cannot handle!