About Alma de Tango

Tango has conquered, and is still conquering many hearts around the world. The playful dance based on improvisation between leader and follower can be danced by anyone, despite age, place of birth or sex. It is a dance of seduction and improvisation, while being surprising, social and cool.

The argentine dance school Alma de Tango has been providing lessons, workshops and shows for years throughout the whole of Europe and South-America. The lessons  in the Netherlands mostly take place in Rotterdam and The Hague. The defining features of the school are the organisation, the fun and professional teachers, and the high quality of the lessons, while still being informal and with a personal approach for each and every student.

Besides weekly tango lessons, Alma de Tango organises tango parties(milongas) at   the most beautiful and attractive sites in The Netherlands, Spain and South-America. During these nights you can enjoy the breathtaking perfomances by teachers from all around the world and of course put your own skills into practice. The school regularly invites teachers from, for example, Buenos Aires to give spectacular workshops and shows. This is made possible because our own teachers have been part of the jury in the championships that are being held in Buenos Aires. This is why we have contacts all over the world.

For a couple of years, Alma de Tango has been organising dance holidays in Europe and South-America. Learning how to dance the tango during a innervating vacation in Valencia or Buenos Aires,… who wouldn’t be interested? Our dance school does not take a break during the holidays. Instead, we take the tango with us during the vacation in Valencia and you are, of course, invited. Daily lessons  will be provided, tintelating spanish ‘fiëstas’ and of course the possibility to go sight-seeing in beautiful Valencia. Garantueed fun.

In December, we skip the cold winter in the Netherlands for a bit and leave for the heart of the Tango, Buenos Aires. Despite daily lessons and evenings in which you can dance till your heart’s content, we also enjoy the cultural heritage that is so rich in this beautiful city.

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