Bootcamp (DJ) Musicality | Melodic orchestras

This month a special edition musicality and dj bootcamp!
This time the bootcamp will be about the melodic orchestras of tango. We will listen to many songs to decipher how to recognize the different orchestras, what makes them unique and how to use them in a milonga or in the dance.
For this bootcamp it is not required to subscribe with a partner! We will mostly listening during this bootcamp, but also dance a little. The focus is not on dancing!

After the Bootcamp there is our Milonga Tango SI aan de Maas | Christmas Edition

Teacher: Jory Raimo
Date: Sunday 3rd of December
Price: € 30 p.p.
Time: 15.00 – 17.15  hr
Location: Tango SI aan de Maas/Schiemond , Dempostraat 143, Rotterdam

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