Bootcamp Tango | The power of the ‘Pausa’ Timing & Speed

The power of the ‘Pausa’ in the Tango can be applied in different ways and with various figures. Every step in Tango has a certain timing within the speed. This way you can apply every step in various ways. Difference in dynamics, speed, feeling and timing is what we will deepen further during this bootcamp. How and where do you apply this in music? Pausas, timing and speed apply to both leader and the follower, but what is the role of both? All of this and much more during this bootcamp.

Teachers: Lorena & Jory
Date: Thursday 28th of June 2018
Price: € 25 p.p. (incl. drink & snack)
Time: 20.00 – 22.15 hr
Location: Rotterdam

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