Bootcamp Tango | Use and control of the free leg

In tango, it almost never happens that we are standing with our weight on two legs. We always have 1 standing leg and 1 free leg. But what to do with the free leg? In these 2 hours, we will be working on the free leg in the dance for both men and women. How, when and where can we make with the free leg embellishments? But also, how can the men better lead the followers’ free leg. How does the lady make sure that the follower, despite the fact that the leg is free of weight, still feels her free leg? That and more … Do not miss it!

Max. 3-4 couples per bootcamp!

Teachers: Mirella & Carlos
Date: Thursday 22nd of june
Price: € 25 p.p. (incl. drink and a snack)
Time: 20.00 – 22.15 hr
Location: Rotterdam

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