Milonga Marienhof with Lorena & Jory

At the 24th of March we can enjoy once again a great milonga at the Marienhof in Amersfoort.
Also this time with great music, workshop and show.

20.00  – 00.30 | Milonga at the big Singelzaal

Music by DJ Siobhan

Show by Lorena en Jory

Workshop  at the beautiful Chamber of the monastery with Lorena & Jory.

20.00 – 21.15 | Workshop Tango – Turns and Rhythm at the m2

Together with Lorena and Jory we will work on different turns and rhytms.
How do you this at a m2? How do you maintain the energy in closed embrace?
A turn doesn’t always have to be a giro!
Create and taking time for ornaments at a m2 and in closed embrace.

Milonga: 11 euro
Workshop en Milonga: 27 euro

De Mariënhof, Kleine Haag 2, Amersfoort
For an impression:

Klick at: Salon Mariënhof
Facebook: Salon Mariënhof

Let’s make it a great party!

For more information and registration