Milonga Tango Si aan de Maas | WS by Ladystyling

Tango SI aan de Maas Social. The Argentine milonga with a great view over the water and the skyline of Rotterdam. Music by the best DJ Jory Raimo.
This month with workshop by Lorena de Miranda Serra

16.15-17.15 hr – Workshop Ladystyling | Ornaments, ornaments, ornaments

Music by DJ Jory Raimo

Host: Alma de Tango

Prices p.p.
Workshop: € 15
Milonga: € 7,00
Workshop + milonga: € 20
Time milonga: 17.30 – 22.00 uur
Location: Dempostraat 143, Rotterdam (Delfshaven)

Registration for the workshop mandatory. Reservation for the milonga not nescessary.
Reservations workshop? Click here!