Milonga Hotel New York

Salon/Milonga Hotel New York – Once every quarter

In June 2010, Alma de Tango organised their first milonga in the historically famous hotel New York in Rotterdam. After a huge succes, Lorena decided to organise a salon once every quarter. Every quarter their will be teachers from, for example, Buenos Aires. The invited teachers will give workshops before the milonga and will give an amazing performance during the milonga itself.

The milonga will be hosted in the spectacular ballroom of hotel New York. The room has an amazing, authentic feel and a beautiful wooden floor that will be danced on all night.

So, do you want to dance argentine tango all night in beautiful and historic surroundings? We are more then happy to welcome you in hotel New York.

Salon Hotel New York – Every quarter (See schedule for date)
Location: Koninginnehoofd 1, 3072 AD Rotterdam
Fee: €12 pre sale, €15 at location

Hotel New York briefly explained

New constructions are currently being build at the left bank of the Maasoever of Rotterdam. It is the biggest project concerning the centre of Rotterdam for the next 20 years. At that location, a hotel opened in the spring of 1993, hotel New York. It was a new hotel build in a historical Rotterdam building. About a century ago, the building was made to serve as the main building for the Holland-America line. In 1984 the building was sold and was vacant fort he next 10 years.

Ever since, hotel New York has been a modern blend of hotel, bar and resaurant that is located in one of the most beautiful locations of Rotterdam. It’s in het middle of a place filled with architectural development of an international level. Hotel New York doesn’t try to cling to the atmosphere of old out of pure nostalgia. It provides the hospitality and attraction of travelling in the old days in its own way. Something that can be expected of a hotel with the name hotel New York in a city that has one of the biggest harbours in the world.

From the outside, the previous main building of the Holland-Amaerica line is characterised by its symmetrical lines with balconies, towers and decorations. All of these features are commonly seen in buildings from the 1800’s. The view is stunning. With clear view of the skyline, harbour and river, which is also a prerequisite of a Grand Hotel.

At night, you can experience the silence and tranquility of the water. At many locations in the building, beautiful farsights can be seen. Also, after an often beautiful sunset, the lights of the Rotterdam skyline make for a sight to never forget. Attractions in a 19th century hotel were a winter garden and a watchtower, the so called belvédère. Hotel New York has two towers, both decorated as hotel rooms.

The chariots with driver or, in current times, limousine are replaced with a boat and captain. This cab over the water can bring you to the Veerhaven in 5 minutes, located straight across of the hotel, or to the Leuvehaven, which is located in the centre of Rotterdam.