5 week course Ladystyling | The Hague

5 week course technique Argentine Tango for her. Ladystyling.
Underneath more information about the themes during this course.

Ladystyling | Posture, Balance, Walking, technique feet

Every class we will start with a short warming up. During this warming up we use exercises to improve your balance, posture and smooth the muscles.
During the course we will work on the technique of walking.
What is your base leg? How can you use this best? How to walk with elegance? To follow active? How to follow better?
We will also work on the technique of feet. Which muscles to use, the ankle, elegance and more.

Ladystyling | Ochos, Giros, Boleos

We will start with the technique of the ochos. A good technique of the ochos is important to make good giros and boleos.
After we will continue with the giros and boleos.
Techniques of the giro and boleos and what kind of differences there are.
How do you apply them best in the musical? Do you control this yourself?

Ladystyling | Ornaments, technique feet

During the course we will work out various decorations that can be applied.
Ornaments in ochos, walks, giros and more …
How do I put down my feet / legs? How do I work best with my feet / legs in the air? When do I have time for ornaments? Can I take initiative myself?
An important part of ornaments is the music. An ornament is great if it fits perfectly into the music.
What ornaments can you apply to certain types of music and which ones not.

Start: tuesday 16th of January 2018

19.00 – 20.00 uur Ladystyling Semi Advanced/Advanced

Prices p.p.

Ladystyling      5 x 1 hour   € 75

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