5 wk Theme course | Adornos, Adornos, Adornos | Rotterdam

Embelishments, adornments, adornos.
A term often used in Argentine Tango
During this course of 5 weeks we will work on adornos for leaders and followers.
What are adornos? When and where to use them and do you have to do them or not?
What is the difference between adornos with a lead and the ones you can do by yourself?
How to make adornos without interrupting your partner. This and much more.
Versieringen, of ook wel adornments,adornos of embelisments genoemd.
Teachers: Mirella & Carlos

Start: 22nd of January 2018
Time: 21.30 – 22.45 hr
Location: Alma de Tango @ Djoj
Antony Duyklaan 5-7, Rotterdam
Price: € 80 p.p. If you subscribe as a couple you will receive € 5 discount each.

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