Bootcamp Milonga

In addition to the ‘regular’ Argentinian tango, there is also the Milonga. This is the happy sister of the Argentine Tango. During this bootcamp we start with typical figures and sequences for the milonga! We will work with Milonga Lisa and Traspie and what’s the difference. Additionally, tips and tricks on how to not to lose the connection because this is essential for the milonga, precisely because it’s fast! How can we better lead and follow and not panic when music is fast, due to small adjustments in for example the embrace?

Right after the bootcamp practica untill 24.00!

€25 Bootcamp only
€27,50,- incl practica till 24:00
€3,- practica only

Teachers: Mirella & Carlos

Date: wednesday 21rst of June

Locatie: Koningin Emmakade 133, Den Haag

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