Bootcamp Tango | Basics in perfection

When you start with your first course of Tango you learn a lot of basics in a short time, because of this you do not have the time to really discover all the secrets. During this bootcamp we will work with basic elements of Tango such as: musicality, posture, walking, ochos, ocho cortado and the basic cross. How to dance these basics relaxed, in the music and still be elegant. Open and/or closed embrace? When do you apply this and when not. Finally some new ideas how to combine and be creative with the basics.

Max. 3-4 couples per bootcamp!

Teachers: Lorena & Jory
Date: Monday 23rd of December 2019
Price: € 25 p.p. (incl. drink & snack)
Time: 20.00 – 22.15 hr
Location: Rotterdam

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