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Bootcamp Tango | Turning in small spaces

Having problems dancing properly in crowded milongas? Then this is the bootcamp you’ve been waiting for! During this bootcamp we will talk about the options you have while being in a crowded milonga. Not losing energy is a crucial part of dancing in a small space as well as being able to express yourself towards your partner. In the first hour we will mainly focus on maintaining energy while making small steps and we will make an introduction of small turns, which we will practice and perfect during the second hour.

Max 3-4 couples per bootcamp!
Very intensive, but the result is there.

Teachers: Lorena & Jory
Date: Friday 22nd of December
Price: € 25 p.p. (incl. drink & snack)
Time: 20.00 – 22.15 hr
Location: Rotterdam

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