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Bootcamp Vals | Keeping the Vals flow

Keeping the Vals flow
The vals is known for its floaty music and round figures. Eventhough we often think that tango is not so different from vals, there is a very big one: the flow.
During this bootcamp we will work on acquiring and sustaining the round and continuous energy of the vals. Mostly we tend to forget this during the basic steps, but these are the most important moments! Connection and posture are two very big factors we will work on to be able to transfer the flow towards our partner.

Max 3-4 couples per bootcamp!
Very intensive, but the result is there.

Teachers: Lorena & Jory
Date: Thursday 3rd of January 2019
Price: € 25 p.p. (incl. drink & snack)
Time: 20.00 – 22.15 hr
Location: Rotterdam

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