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Christmas Tango Gala | Hotel New York | 2017

Dancing Tango and celebrating Christmas together in the spectacular Balsroom of the famous Hotel New York in Rotterdam. The room has an amazing ambiance and fantastic wooden floor. Also this edition there is a workshop, show and dresscode. Be ready to celebrate a special Christmas together!

Show by
Lorena de Miranda Serra & Jory Raimo

18.00 – 19.00 hr | Workshop Tango | The latest fashions in Buenos Aires for Tango Salon
Lorena and Jory came recently back from Buenos Aires and are fully aware of the latest techniques and fashions in Tango Salon. During this workshop various existing combinations. How to  dance them dynamic and effective on the m2 supplemented with musical ornaments for him and her. All this based on the latest fashions in Buenos Aires for Tango Salon.

Music by DJ Nettie

Dresscode: glitter & glamour

Host: Alma de Tango
Prices p.p.
Milonga: € 12 met reservering € 15 aan de deur (vol=vol!)
Workshop + Milonga: € 22,50
Time Milonga: 19.00 – 00.00 uur
Location: Hotel New York, Koninginnehoofd 1, Rotterdam

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