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Milonga Art of Walk in Altena | Antwerpen

Breaking News !!! Alma de Tango in full force (Carlos,Mirella,Jory & Lorena) terug in de Altenakapel in Antwerpen. Supercaroussel workshop voor, en impressionante demo tijdens de Milonga.

Workshop Tango Salon | Combining Paradas, Americanos & Calesitas
All dancers know paradas, americanos and calesitas, but usually they forget to make creative combinations of what they have learned when they’re dancing in the milonga.
During this workshop: how to use these techniques into new and exciting combinations. We will stimulate your creativity in the most simple steps to the more difficult ones and ofcourse how to adapt all of this into the music.
Teachers: Lorena, Jory, Mirella, Carlos

Music by TDJ Jaak 

Host: Art of Walk

Prices p.p.

Workshop: € 16,00
Milonga: € 8,00
Workshop + Milonga: € 20,00

Time workshop: 18.30 – 20.15 hours
Time milonga: 20.30 – 01.00 hours

Location: Altenakapel, Antwerpsesteenweg 79, Kontich/Antwerpen

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