Milonga Tango Si aan de Maas + Bootcamp

Milonga Tango SI aan de Maas. Happy New Year Party! The Argentine milonga with a great view over the water and the skyline of Rotterdam. This edition with bootcamp Musicality by Jory Raimo.

Bootcamp Tango | Menstyling

A bootcamp especially for men that want to improve their dance! In this edition of men’s technique we will work on posture, presence and technique for simple sacada’s.

During the first hour posture and presence will be the central theme. They are two important factors for being able to interact well with your partner. When you gain more presence as a leader, it will be easier for the follower to understand what you are trying to communicate with her and posture will help you to transfer your presence towards the follower.

In the second hour we will apply the technique from the first hour into the steps of the sacada’s. Pushing from the base leg, maintaining posture and presence and round energy are things we will discus and practice.

Teacher: Jory Raimo

Music by DJ Lawrence

Host: Alma de Tango

Prices p.p.
Bootcamp: € 25
Bootcamp + Milonga: € 30
Milonga: € 6,50 (incl. tapas van het huis!)
Time Bootcamp: 14.30 – 16.45 hr
Time milonga: 17.00 – 22.00 hr
Location: Dempostraat 143, Rotterdam (Delfshaven)

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