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Theme course Boleos & Ganchos 5 wk

Theme course 5 wk Boleos & Ganchos in Rotterdam

Boleos and ganchos are the elements in Tango that are often used. During these 5 weeks we will work with 2 different boleos: round and linear ones. What is the difference for both leader and follower how to work on the technique and the difference between the two. Ganchos for leaders! Very often dancers think that ganchos are only for followers, but also leaders can do ganchos. With the technique of both ganchos and boleos we will start with combining them. How to adapt them to the music and work on dynamics.
Start: monday 8th of May 2017
Time: 21.30 – 22.45 uur
Teachers: Mirella & Carlos Santos David
Price (5 wk): € 80 p.p.
When you subscribe as couple you will receive € 5 discount p.p.

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