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Lessons & Workshops

Tango classes in Rotterdam, The Hague and Amersfoort.

Alma de Tango is the Argetine tango school in Rotterdam, The Hague and Amersfoort. We organise classes 30 weeks per year in blocks of 10 classes for all levels. Currently we are giving 23 classes per week. Beside the regular classes, we also give people the opportunity to take trial classes in Rotterdam, The Hague and Amersfoort.

The teachers of Alma de Tango are Lorena de Miranda Serra & Jory Raimo and Mirella & Carlos Santos David. A young and progressive team that beside giving classes, also takes classes to stay up-to-date about the newest techniques, compete in Argentine tango championships and give amazing shows.

The classes of Alma de Tango are known for their professional approach. Our goal is to let every student, despite of level, age or talent, take part in this amazing dance with a lot of fun and satisfaction. Beside the regular classes of Alma de Tango, the teachers frequently give classes and workshops for companies, events and milongas in The Netherlands, Europe and South America. Every 10 weeks we offer special theme courses like milonga, vals, ladystyling, menstyling and many more.

During the summer and winter we have a special roster with bootcamps and workshops tango, vals and milonga in Rotterdam, The Hague and Amersfoort. During all of the year it is possible to take private classes tango for improving, as a gift, as opening dance on your wedding or many other reasons. Alma de Tango. Tango classes. Workshops, Bootcamps. Private classes in Rotterdam, The Hague, Amersfoort, events, milonga, wedding