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In 2019 Tango Café will begin with a Seminar and a Performance given by our very own Maestros Lorena and Jory (Alma de Tango). The theme of the Seminar will be based on: Playing with the basics and turning in small spaces.

Seminar 16:00-19:15: Playing with the basics and turning in small spaces.
Mekelweg 8, 2628 CD Delft

-> Seminar Information:
Having problems dancing properly in crowded Milongas? Then this is the seminar you’ve been waiting for! During this seminar we will talk about the options you have while being in a crowded Milonga. Not losing energy is a crucial part of dancing in a small space as well as being able to express yourself towards your partner.
–> In the first 1.5 hour we will mainly focus on basics and being playful with them and also maintaining energy while making small steps. We will make an introduction of small turns, which we will practice and perfect during the 2nd 1.5 hour. For example a turn doesn’t always have to be a giro or very complicated 🙂

Sign up here: https://goo.gl/forms/ckOQDcjNjguvMBgz2

Prices: members / non-members
–> Seminar (3hrs)*: 20,-/30,-
–> Single Workshop (1.5hrs)*: 15,-/20,-
–> Milonga: FREE!/ 5,-.

*Participation in Seminar/Workshop makes the milonga free!

19.15 – 20.00: Tango Community Dinner!
We find that sharing food is a great community builder, and are very fond of the practice. We hope you will enjoy it as much as we do! Bringing something to eat is not required, but it is much appreciated. We do not have an official bar system, but have refreshments available in exchange for a small voluntary donation. Vincent van ‘t Laar and Francis Mbila will be DJ DUO for the evening!!

FREE PARKING! Can’t find it? Call 0615111368 (Vincent van ‘t Laar)

Questions about D.S.D.A. Blue Suede Shoes Membership benefits? Email tango@dsda.nl

Everyone, student or not, from the very advanced to the complete beginner, is welcome to come dance. If you would like to enjoy some drinks and food from our bar, you can either bring something to share or make a donation!

D.S.D.A. Blue Suede Shoes is a dance association by students for everyone passionate about dancing. One of our goals is to encourage new Argentine Tango dancers to start dancing socially. And where better than at our monthly Tango Café. We offer a warm atmosphere and a nice dance floor at a slightly underground location for a great evening.